Interested in establishing an MFE Affiliate in your community? Want to learn more?

Are you concerned about continuing cuts in school and community music programs? Do such cuts make sense when research regarding music’s effectiveness as an educational and community-building tool as well as a local economic “driver” continues to grow? Want to do something about it?

In response to those concerns, Music For Everyone, a non-profit organization dedicated to “cultivating the power of music as an educational and community-building tool” based on the premise that everyone deserves the opportunity to experience the benefits of music was established in 2006.

MFE began humbly, with one small fundraiser that raised $7,000. Since then, MFE has grown to where it has invested over $1.5 million in grants, scholarships and direct program support to school and community arts groups, including almost 5,900 instruments with which students can create musical magic and placing between 12 and 20 fully designed and painted pianos on the streets of Lancaster each summer through its “Keys for the City” program.

Starting an MFE organization in your community is not as difficult as it may seem. And the potential to have tangible community impact within a relatively short period of time is achievable, particularly when operating from a proven blueprint for success with access to experts who have developed and implemented that blueprint.

MFE’s founder and executive director, John Gerdy, is available to speak to members of your community who are interested in doing something about the continued assault on music education and community arts programs. If, after John’s visit, you remain interested in making a difference in your community by establishing a Music For Everyone chapter, MFE will work with you by providing branding support, consulting services and program menus.

Contact John about how you can start an MFE affiliate in your community (