The MFE Bangin Strings

The MFE “Bangin’ Strings” is a Music For Everyone after school music program featuring strings and percussion. String players and percussionists are invited to join this musical experience, working together in stimulating, interactive, and creative environment. MFE underwrites all expenses, allowing students to attend at no cost to the participant, expanding the musical opportunities available to them. If a child you know is interested in participating, please download and fill out an application form OR fill out the digital form below.

Due to Covid-19 Music For Everyone has made the decision to provide our after school offerings in a virtual format for the Fall and Winter of 2020. While this was a difficult decision to make, our student’s and staff’s safety is MFE’s number one concern. Though the Banging Strings will not have “in-person” sessions this year, we are inviting your child to participate in the Virtual after school program.

Our virtual after school music program will start on October 6 and run through the duration of the 2020-2021 school year. Sessions will be held Tuesday and Thursday from 4:30pm – 5:30pm. Additionally, once a month there will be a Saturday masterclass. The Virtual music experience will include daily zoom sessions with home assignments, all of which will be recorded and available for access to students on demand. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to learn from composers around the world, several of which are composing pieces specifically for this the MFE Banging Strings. Students will explore rhythms, sounds and vibrations with other world-renowned guests and musicians. Lastly, students will receive video feedback on technique, style, and performance from our MFE faculty.

Tuesday & Thursday 4:30-5:30pm Starting October 6. MFE Banging Strings Rehearsals (via Zoom).  Focus is on general music technique, continued learning of repertoire, improvisation (making up music in the moment), group songwriting and arranging of simple tunes, learning music from different musical traditions as well as classical orchestra music Freedom of expression and sound exploration (All Levels)

One Saturday per month – Start Time TBD – MFE Masterclass (via Zoom).  Performance classes and Group sharing. Guest artists and composers will also join in the fun!

Wednesday afternoon-Start Time TBD-Lesson sessions (Via Zoom). Individual and group lessons.

Directors: Michael Jamanis and Matthew Woodson  Please fill out the form below:

MFE "Banging Strings" Registration

  • Music will be provided

  • Participants will need their instruments every day. If your child does not have access to an instrument, please check the box below

  • For questions or concerns, please contact Michael T. Jamanis, 717-575-5527 -
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