MusicCorps Volunteers

MUSICorps – Musicians BANDing together to provide access to private music instruction.

About the Program: Music For Everyone is very excited to announce a new program that aims to give private music instruction access to students. MUSICorps, led by MFE volunteer Kelly Buchanan, strives to provide one on one lessons to students who otherwise would not be able to afford them, further strengthening the role that music plays in our schools and communities. Kelly has gathered a team of about 20 teachers willing to donate their time to provide ongoing private lessons for students in the School Districts of Lancaster and Columbia.

Initially, the program will provide students the opportunity to receive 12 lessons at no cost. MFE is currently working with Kelly and her team of teachers to place students in the program. MFE will cover the costs of learning materials and will work to provide the instruments should a student not have access to one.

These first 12 lessons will serve as a “pilot” for the MUSICorps program. After the initial pilot period, MFE hopes to continue working with the MUSICorps team, offering further access to private instruction. There is a very wide range of instrumentation available. If you are interested in being considered for the program please fill out the form below.

Are you a music teacher interested in donating your time? Fill out the form below: