MFE Scholars


Each year, MFE provides eight Millersville University Music Education majors each with a $2,000 scholarship. In exchange for that scholarship, these students volunteer in an SDOL school, working at the direction of an SDOL teacher and directly with students.

This year’s Fall semester MFE Scholars are David Fernandes, Joshua Rowley, and Maggie Mellott.

Millersville Music Department’s Phillip Tacka speaking about the scholarship said, “The Music For Everyone scholarship has been a beautiful gift for the Music Department of Millersville University. MFE has opened so many doors enabling our MU music students to work with local teachers and their students. The programs generated through the scholarship have significantly helped our MU recipients and the local schools, but more importantly, MFE has truly enabled so many of our students to be “Community Centered, and Career Ready.”




David Fernandes, Joshua Rowley, and Maggie Mellott


Past MFE Scholars:

Mikayla Iati

Alexandra Pacchione

Kaitlin Vargo

Erin Freeman

Paula Batdorf

David Mengel

Israel Gonzales

Emma Noble

Freddie Lewis

Andrea Kurnat

Jordan Shomper

Matthew Woodson

Tyler Walthers