Musicians For Well Being

Much more than a kinesthetic exercise of playing combinations of notes, music encourages us to express our emotions. Music provides a unique way for people to communicate and cooperate. Important to every culture and impacting people of all ages, music is often called the universal language. 

Further, there is a vast and growing amount of research, writing, experimentation and application of music as a healing tool with broad potential to increase an individual’s health, well-being and life situation. Music is incorporated in treatment plans for dementia, depression, anxiety as well as to improve motor coordination in people suffering from Parkinson’s, Cerebral Palsy and autism. Music is increasingly used to boost the quality of life of those impacted by serious medical conditions including PTSD and cancer. Scientists, researchers and medical practitioners are discovering and developing additional ways to utilize music for healing virtually every day.

Music For Everyone’s Well-Being is an initiative designed to explore, assess and leverage the power of music as a healing tool. To that end, MFE’s goal through this initiative is to serve as a community resource to further promote music’s potential to positively impact public health in Lancaster County.

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