• Spring Forward

Volume 5

Volume 5



1. The Dying Elk Herd- Another Restless Night
2. Lucky Ones- Every Single Day
3. The Districts- Radiator
4. Mechanical Fox- Blue and Gold (Oh My God)
5. Burial Grounds- Ghost Church
6. The Suburban Sound- Fast Eddie
7. The Vicepia Trio- Dvorak Piano Trio No. 1 First Movement
8. Leo DiSanto- One Of The Good Ones
9. Colin David with Leticia Joy- The Jinx
10. Angelo M.- Every Kind of Blues
11.The Stray Birds- Birds of the Borderland
12. Like Wild- Ol’ Rosa
13. The Washington Strings- Small Overture
14. Sonora Los Fantasticos- Chica Fantastica
15. The Snails- Preserve The Roots
16. 21st Century Dreamtime Lions- One Instrument
17. Lancaster Community Chorus- in.trance.it REM