Music for Everyone exists to cultivate the power of music as an educational, community building and public health tool to transform lives, schools, and communities in Lancaster County.

Announcing: The Pequea Creek Races

Join Sickman’s Mill Outfitters and Music for Everyone for a weekend of fun, creativity, team-building, and probably healthy amount of fun competitive trash-talking…

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Announcing: Songs For Justice!

Now more than ever, we have the responsibility to leverage our voices to illuminate justice and equality. Learn more about MFE's "Songs For Justice" Initiative.

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Keys for the City Is BACK!

2021 marks the RETURN of the MFE Street piano program. We’re excited that this summer MFE is bringing this fun, fonky, interactive exhibit back to the streets of Lancaster.

Keys For The City

Music Corps

We've teamed up with music teachers all over the county to offer free private music instruction!

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Music Resources

Music For Everyone has compiled a list of music resources that just about anyone can use to soothe, inspire, uplift, smile, sing or dance. Check them out here!

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MFE's Instrument Repair Program

We're cataloging and repairing EVERY instrument of EVERY public school in Lancaster County.

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I wasn’t going to come to school, but then I remembered we have orchestra today.

5th grade student