MFE in the Schools

In 2010 we launched MFE in the Schools to help with mentoring and instruction. Providing schools with new instruments is not beneficial unless they also have people to teach.

Music Mentors
Professional musicians/teachers go into schools to provide whatever instructional help is needed.

MFE Scholars
In exchange for scholarships, students must work at the direction of an SDOL teacher and directly with students. Students also work in MFE’s after-school programming.

MFE’s “Sound Factory” After School Program
A string ensemble that meets after school and performs throughout the city on a regular basis.

Camp MFE
MFE conducts two weeks of summer music camp.

In-School Activities
MFE has sponsored various in-school performances and workshops.


While MFE’s annual grant program has awarded resources to schools in all of the 16 school districts of Lancaster County, MFE in the Schools has, to date, been focused on SDOL schools. Moving forward, it is our intent to begin to offer more of the various elements of this program to schools throughout the county. Our ability to accomplish this will depend on how much money and resources we can raise.

Speaking of money, we’d like to thank several sponsors who have made MFE in the Schools possible. In particular, we’d like to thank the Tom and Gina Russo Family Foundation as they provided an initial, three year, $15,000 per year matching grant to get the program off the ground. Additional major sponsors include The John F. Steinman Foundation, The Pennsylvania Council for the Arts and Clark and Ethlemae McSparren. To these and all others who have contributed to making MFE in the Schools a success, your support has been music to our ears and we thank you!

The Fulton Family Foundation The Barshinger Family Foundation The Thomas & Georgina Russo Family Foundation The Witmer Family Fund