Symphony of Home

Music for Everyone Welcomes Refugee and Immigrant Students with the gift of Music

Lancaster: A City of Welcome. 

We are proud to be part of a community in which all are welcome and valued for their contributions to our city by sharing cultures and traditions that make us stronger and richer for the experience.

Over the past two years, MFE has supported the welcoming of refugee and immigrant families by providing music as a means of support and connectivity. Students of refugee and immigrant families have been able to receive free piano lessons due to the support of community members. 

A testimonial from a parent on the impact the program is having on her student: “I also wanted to say that [my child] has attention disorder…and it’s difficult for her, school is so difficult, but I notice that you always praise her and notice little things that she’s doing. It’s so much lifting her self-esteem. So I was just wanting to say that you’re such a good teacher for [my child]. It’s like a perfect match I’m feeling. And she wants to come and she likes lessons and to study; that’s actually amazing! Yeah, so thank you so much for your encouragement.”

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As this program has grown we have seen a need to expand our piano lesson offerings and to add teachers to the program. Help MFE welcome more students into this program and see your contributions make a difference. Donate HERE