Ashley Kendrick Kennedy

I am humbled and grateful to have the opportunity to work on this piano honoring the memory of both Sam Walton and Clayton Stief. I cannot think of a more fitting tribute to two of the most wonderful people, talented musicians, and closest friends I have had the privilege of knowing. Sam and Clayton both shared their musical talents with Lancaster, and each happily volunteered with MFE. The unique light they each shined in this world will be forever missed by the community of friends and family whose lives they have touched. Sam and Clayton were gone too soon but those of us who had the good fortune to have known and loved them will carry on their memory. The humor, warmth, openness, passion for music, and each of Sam’s and Clayton’s rare and adventurous spirits will live on through this community of loved ones. I would like to give special thanks to the friends and family of Sam and Clayton who have contributed to making this tribute possible.

Ashley Kendrick Kennedy is a graphic designer, artist, and illustrator. A homegrown Philadelphian, Ashley has been a Lancaster transplant since 2014 and works as the art director/lead graphic designer, and an occasional art columnist, for Lancaster County Magazine. She is passionate about storytelling through art, digital illustration, collage art, typography, and publication design. She received her BFA from the Tyler School of Art at Temple University. For her artistic inspirations, she credits her incredible friends and family, varied and ever-evolving catalogue of music, the natural world, urban architecture, and her community. |