About the Murals

Music For Everyone is actively working on an ongoing series of public art installations in the city of Lancaster. This visual arts expansion of the Keys for the City program further adds to what has become Lancaster’s most impactful interactive, mixed media public art project. Additionally, it contributes to solidifying Lancaster as an arts, music and culture destination.  These music based public murals are placed in locations throughout the city and are produced by a diverse set of artists. 

This program was initially meant to take the place of the Keys for the City pianos in 2020, as MFE was unable to place them due to the pandemic. Because of the overwhelming positive response received, and Music For Everyone’s continued commitment to the arts in Lancaster County, our organization has decided to produce this program on an ongoing basis. New murals will be commissioned in tandem with the Keys for the City pianos being placed on the streets for the foreseeable future. 

Interested in becoming an artist or learning more about the program? Please email us: Info@musicforeveryone.org

And thank you to the Lancaster Parking Authority for their willingness to partner with us by providing several mural sites.