Keys For The City

Keys for the City 2019 marks a Decade O’ Keys: the tenth consecutive summer that MFE has brought this fun, fonky, interactive exhibit to the streets of Lancaster. This year, our street pianos, all designed and painted by local artists, will be accessible to the public 24/7 from May 17 through the end of September.

The objective of Keys for the City is to provide access to musical opportunity, foster creativity and build a sense of community among the public and, in the process, raise resources awareness for local music and visual arts education initiatives.

Welcome to Lancaster Pennsylvania,
the Street Piano Capital of the World!

“Over the past ten summers, Lancastrians have embraced and cared for these pianos in a way that has been inspiring. That’s why we call Lancaster the “Street Piano Capital of the World,” said John Gerdy, Executive Director of Music For Everyone. “Whether people stop by to play a few notes or an entire piece, there will be thousands of magical, musical moments that will occur around those pianos this summer. This project is a literal expression of what this organization is all about – Music For Everyone.”

The pianos will be in place by May 17th, to correspond to the first of five “Music Friday” events in downtown Lancaster. On the third Friday of each month from May through September, there will be over 40 music acts in venues throughout the downtown Lancaster, from bars, restaurants and galleries to various “street spots” as well as a main stage event in Binns Park (100 block of N. Queen St.). For more information on Music Fridays, visit or call 717-291-4758.