The Lancaster Festival of Voices presented by Atlee Hall, is an annual celebration of the vocal arts in Lancaster, PA. Lancaster is enjoying a renaissance as it emerges as a destination for artists of all genres. This renaissance has benefited the city both culturally and economically. The Lancaster Festival of Voices provides a supportive venue for singers of all ages, thus creating awareness of the voice as an instrument and bringing yet another genre of music to this musically thriving community.

This year MFE is partnering with Atlee Hall, Tellus360, The Trust Performing Arts Center, and the Thomas and Georgina Russo Family Foundation to bring the FOV to Lancaster. Check out the schedule below and mark your calendars now.

For more information on the 2017 Festival of Voices click here.

The schedule for the event is as follows:


Thursday March 30, 2017

7:00 PM

Declan O’Rourke Kickoff Event at Tellus360 (24 E King St. Lancaster, PA 17602)

 Join us for an evening of spectacular music “one-on-one” with singer songwriter Declan O’Rourke. An Sibin is the newest performance space at Tellus360 and is is designed for intimate listening encounters. THIS ROOM ONLY HOLDS 50 PEOPLE and this event WILL sell out quickly! Reserve your seat now. You do not want to miss out on this incredible opportunity.

Tickets are $50. As an extra value add a festival pass to your ticket. $10 will give you access to the Sunday main event of Lancaster’s only choral festival.

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Friday March 31, 2017

6:30 PM

Concert at J.P. McCaskey High School (445 Reservoir St.  Lancaster, PA 17602)

Free and Open to the Public



The New School of Lancaster

Concert Choir of Mennonite Children’s Choir of Lancaster

Manheim Township High School Troubadours

The McCaskey Chamber Choir

The School District of Lancaster Combined Elementary Chorus

And the MFE Community Chorus



Saturday April 1, 2017

11:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Community Choral Workshops at Tellus360 (24 E. King St. Lancaster, PA)

Free and Open to the Public


Want to participate in these fun choral workshops? Register HERE

Choral Workshops – Session 1 (11:00am – 12:30pm)


Booking the Job: Exploring the Audition (11:00)

Presenter – Michael Popovsky

Target Audience: Singers who sing in professional environments

This session will allow you to come face-to-face with the audition process and what happens ‘inside the room’. We will explore what makes an effective audition from a vocal and character point of view. Up to 6 participants will have the opportunity to work with Michael on their audition cuts. (This workshop is designed for singers who wish to sing in more professional environments)


Youth in Harmony – A Cappella Singing, Barbershop Style, for the Next Generation (11:00)

Presenter: Lori Jo Whitehaus

Target Audience: Educators and Choir Directors

Both the Barbershop Harmony Society and Sweet Adelines International offer a multitude of resources to teach the next generation all about singing in the barbershop style. From free music to local workshops, find out what is available to you from these non-profit organizations.


Explore Your Artistry, Release Your Voice: Flexibility and Freedom in Singing (11:00)

Presenter: Jeffrey Gemmel

Target Audience: All Ages.

This session will explore the mind-body-spirit connection through healthy singing technique and kinesthetics to create beautiful choral music. A variety of vocalises will be explored, as well as stimulating songs to inspire your musical imagination. Come ready to sing, move, express yourself . . . and have fun . . . all at the same time!


Choral Workshops – Session 2 (1:00pm – 2:30pm)

You the singer: Understanding, Freeing and Strengthening your own instrument (1:00)

Presenter: Michael Popovsky

Target Audience: All Ages.

This session will focus on contemporary understandings of the voice, how it functions and, most importantly, how to apply these understandings to help you use your voice in the most efficient and flexible way possible IN ANY GENRE!  We will dispel common vocal myths while exploring a variety of different sounds. Come ready to explore your voice!


Ready, Set, SING – A Cappella Singing, Barbershop Style, for men and women (1:00)

Presenter: Lori Jo Whitehaus

Target Audience:  Singers (men and women of all ages)

Singing is FUN and the challenge of singing a cappella in the barbershop style brings great joy to both the singer and listener.  Learn how to sing the unique harmonies of this American art-form with Lori Jo Whitehaus, Master Director of the Red Rose City and Red Rose barbershop choruses.


Introduction to Sacred Harp Shape Note Singing (1:00)

Presenter: Sasha Hsuczyk

Target Audience: All Ages.

The Sacred Harp, continuously in print since 1844, is the backbone of one of America’s oldest, most vital, and soul-stirring musical traditions.  You have to sing it to believe it!  Join shape note singing teacher Sasha Hsuczyk for an opportunity to learn the tools for how to sing out of the Sacred Harp.   Don’t be intimidated by the shape note system; it was designed to make sight-singing easier – and once you understand it, you will find this to be true!  Even if you cannot read music at all, you can sing this music.  Each pitch of a scale is assigned a shape.  This way of reading and writing music allows people little musical training to be able to sing complex arrangements featuring four-part harmonies in a relatively short amount of time.  We will cover the fundamentals of how to sing using the shape note system, and we will build on that foundation with information about the history of the Sacred Harp through stories and anecdotes.  We will do lots of singing from the beginning to the end of the class!  There is a huge resurgence of interest in this wonderful music, and active groups are singing together across the country and the world.


Saturday April 1, 2017

7:00 PM

Concert at The Trust Performing Arts Center (37 N Market St. Lancaster, PA)

Free and Open to the Public



The Lancaster Bible College Chamber Singers

The Music For Everyone Community Chorus

and special guest Declan O’Rourke


Sunday April 2, 2017

3:00 PM

Concert at Tellus360 with Blue Jupiter, Declan O’Rourke, and Friends (24 E. King St. Lancaster, PA)

Featuring: Blue Jupiter


Blue Jupiter’s all-vocal performance is nothing short of explosive. The world-touring a cappella quartet has been described as “The real deal,” by rock legend, Gene Simmons; “Simply terrific” by Scott Conant of Food Network, “Incredible!” by Jane Pauly from NBC; “Nothing short of magic,” by the Sands Casino Entertainment Department, and “Simply the best music act we’ve ever had at our schools,” by the Connecticut Public Schools Board. Blue Jupiter’s energetic blend of pop lead vocals, jazzy a cappella harmony and funky beatbox has garnered standing ovations in over 40 states and around the world. The FOV is thrilled to have this group headlining the festival this year, and we assure you that this is a show you do not want to miss.


Also featuring:

Declan O’Rourke

Break From Blue Collar

Michael Popovsky Singers

Red Rose Chorus

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After Blue Jupiter stick around for a special edition of Acapellus360!

In the ancient tradition of having a pint and singing your lungs off at a bar, Tellus360 presents this truly original musical event.


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