MFE Volume 3

  1. Wetlands Arming The Aware
  2. Ruby Street Frustration
  3. Stinging Nettles The Place We Go
  4. Mark DeRose Band 4 and 5
  5. Darry Miller and The Veil Let’s Let Go
  6. Adam Taylor Painting Leprosy
  7. Cullen Miller Serious
  8. Fire In The Glen Susquehanna Pirate
  9. Robert Bobby Best Of All Possible Worlds
  10. Jason Mundok The Other Side
  11. Ghost House Wanderer
  12. Ex Education Broken
  13. Matt Goss Band Break The Mold
  14. Rodbenders It’s Not Clear
  15. The Sketties Get Out

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The Willie Marble Xperience

  1. I Ain’t Superstitious
  2. You Gotta Help Me
  3. Rollin’ and Tumblin’
  4. Easy Money
  5. Shadows and Mirrors
  6. Sixteen Tons
  7. 300 Pounds of Joy
  8. I Been Hoo Dood
  9. Coconut
  10. I Shot the Sheriff

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MFE Volume 2

  1. Washington Elementary String Ensemble Kookobura
  2. Angelo M 30 Years
  3. The Sketties Be Gone
  4. The Cultivators Sweet Sero
  5. Madi Diaz Nothing At All
  6. Reason Left Town Crashing Down
  7. They Were Only Satellites Baby I Turn To You
  8. The Vinegar Creek Constituency Girl from the River Hills
  9. Old Time Liberation Front Different from the War
  10. Receiving the Ghost My Heart Breaks
  11. Ripe Mass Inferno
  12. Barrel of Wolves Snowed In
  13. The Slackwater Wolves Overseas
  14. The Faux Minx Agatha
  15. Lititz Elementary Orff Ensemble Chaccone

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MFE Volume 1

  1. Burrowes World Musicians La Dance
  2. Share the Bread Farewell
  3. Slimfit Never Learn
  4. Cliff b LewisI Could
  5. Kelly Parkes Me & The Boyz
  6. Katie Becker Spring Rondo
  7. Hiram Ring Go From Here
  8. Dave Hurd with HighFalootin’ Home In The Country
  9. Brock Lawley Beautiful View
  10. Mindy C. Nolt Mother
  11. Robin Chambers My Own Way
  12. Gadjo Playboys Easy Now
  13. Copper Sky Snug
  14. Ruby Street Ruby’s Blue
  15. Lingering Doubts Unlucky Lucciano
  16. Bobbi Carmitchell Sunday Afternoon
  17. Burrowes World Musicians Mary O’ Mary!