Lancaster Festival of Voices Welcomes Orfeia, The Balkan Women’s Choir

Music for Everyone is gearing up and warming up for a wonderful weekend of music April 1-3 with Festival of Voices. For our fourth year we will be celebrating choral music through various concerts, workshops, and a movie showing. Many of our acts are local such as the Red Rose City Chorus and Mennonite Children’s choir of Lancaster; but this year we are pleased to have Orfeia, a unique group from Maryland/ Washington DC area. They will be performing in a free concert Friday April 1 at Trinity Lutheran Church on Duke Street in Lancaster.10329987_791017087588670_6002098353514573825_o

Orfeia is a woman’s ensemble whose main focus is preserving the music of Bulgaria and Eastern Europe. Seeking to uphold a longstanding musical tradition from Eastern Europe, Russia, Bulgaria, and the Balkans Orfeia choses a music with different backgrounds. Due to the different styles and types of music we may be treated to some lovely unique harmonies, village songs, custom songs, children’s songs and much more. They also often perform in traditional dress to keep with the audience in the spirit of being in Eastern Europe.

The group began in 2006 and was founded by the famous Bulgarian singer Tatiana Sarbinska. Tatiana is a Bulkan born composer, educator, and director. Music was a large part of her life growing up, and eventually becaming very well known. She sang for many well-known groups throughout Europe and upon moving to the United State she has led many choirs, sharing her culture with us.

Due to many of Tatiana’s connections Orfeia is also a well-traveled group, having a history of performing in Bulgaria at galas, festivals and even appearing on Bulgarian radio shows and late night television. A colorful group with a wonderful history will be a pleasure to have at this year’s Festival of Voices.


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