Kay Ferguson

Kay Ferguson born in London. Spent my summers in Yorkshire with the great Artist Janet Avasion. Westminister Cathedral was the church connected to my school. We represented the church and there was no room for mistakes due to its prestige. As a teenager my family moved to New York. Where Theater production and  traditional  African Dance and drum became my life. Teaching in all realms for decades. From children to seniors. KC College, Brooklyn  AAs in Physical education/Recreation Therapy CTRS and a degree in Ballet. From Brooklyn College BS in Physical education Specialization Recreation, and degrees in Theater/production, Dance/ Modern, and Art/ painting. I was offer a position upon my entry to BC to teach Dance. I was the first to bring an African dance program to Brooklyn college and ran it for many years. Brooklyn college is home for me a tremendous amount of work was done and I taught and ran many programs from out reach to union. Now in PA for the last 10. Completing a Mural in coatesville library.  Name Brick by Brick we build a community. My Murals are in hospitals schools  shelters and my latest project Lancaster police station.  I love color, music, community people and play lol. I love being an artist and have worked with many Artists from Song to Dance. Artists are special to me.