Amelia Cordova

Piano: Atlee Hall

Ameia Cordova

Artists based in Lancaster, PA. Her current paintings are a mix of bold neon and muted colors, combining abstract and recognizable shapes. She also enjoys creating block prints and film photography. 

Amelia will be featured at David Lyall Home & Design during the month of August.


Ángel Rafael

Piano: Art for All

Angel Rafael

Ángel Rafael is a multifaceted artist, known for his prowess as a photographer, videographer, and musician. Since graduating from the University of the Arts in 2009, Ángel has been a passionate advocate for music education. He dedicated himself to teaching Latin Jazz in North Philly, bringing the gift of music to underserved communities.

His commitment to artistry and education was recognized when he was awarded Coors Light Artist of the Month in October 2017, garnering over 200,000 views on his social media interviews.

In 2019, Ángel embarked on a transformative journey to Puerto Rico, where he immersed himself in the vibrant artistic community of La Perla. Living as an artist-in-residence with the renowned Pia Love, Ángel documented the creative renaissance within this historically significant but often overlooked neighborhood.

Returning to his hometown of Lancaster, PA in late 2019, Ángel continued his dedication to education as an after school teacher and building substitute at La Academia Partnership Charter School. Currently, he’s deeply involved in preproduction for two documentaries, collaborating with local venues on a forthcoming film festival, and nurturing his new venture, Ángel Rafael Productions.

Aron Rook

Piano: Issei Noodle

ARON ROOK, a Korean American mural-focused artist, freelances as an illustrator, painter, and pyrographer. Her distinctive work showcases vibrant colors, tight clean edges, and fluid fades, all meticulously crafted with 100% brush application. Aron excels in creating both original pieces and collaborating with clients on thematic projects. Drawing inspiration from flora, Asian and folk art, as well as childlike play, her consistent style produces visually captivating, time-capsuled murals that profoundly resonate with shared experiences and emotions within the community.

Danica Egan

Piano: Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health

Danica Egan was born and raised in Bergen County NJ, and spent her early years surrounded by animation, art, and architecture. The constant creative influences in Danica’s life inspired her to pursue her career as a professional artist. After high school she attended Pennsylvania College of Art and Design in Lancaster PA, where she earned her BFA.

Since graduation, Egan has been consistently showing her work at various galleries throughout Pennsylvania. Her art has found homes both within the United States and internationally. She has also been featured in local publications YRK Magazine, Fig Magazine, Fox45 Harrisburg, York Today Newspaper; as well as Voyage Atlanta.

Egan’s current work focuses on vibrant colors, patterns and pop culture references that harken back to her childhood. Danica currently resides in Lancaster Pennsylvania with her studio and spends her time creating art, enjoying good food and friends, playing video games and enjoying nature.

Elizabeth Byler

Mural: Elizabeth Byler Mural

Elizabeth (she/her) is the Creative Image Director for Eden Environments. She enjoys experimental cooking, reading books you can’t put down, dancing in the rain, coloring outside the lines, discovering new music, asking personal questions, and writing things that make people react. She is an enneagram 4, happiest when eating something sweet or sipping wine. Elizabeth is passionate about human flourishing, great design, groovy tunes, and intersectional social justice. She is committed to loving Black Jesus, herself, and others, in that order.

Elizabeth R. Martin Elementary School

Piano: Tellus360

E.R. Martin School

“E.R. Martin artists in Amanda Wade’s art room have been painting MFE pianos since 2015! Every year, students anxiously await the arrival of the piano. They look forward to working collaboratively to create a masterpiece to be enjoyed in downtown Lancaster! They love public art, Music for Everyone, and the piano sponsors!”

Eric Tonzola

Murals: Eric Tonzola Mural, Lancaster Parking Authority Office Mural

An illustrated style that bridges the gaps between an absurd rendition of the human condition, crossing over into the eerie and darkest corners of the whimsical imagination. Through either illustration or a dreamscape-esque approach on graphic design, my illustrations have been used as promotions on t-shirts for bars, restaurants, children’s books and community collectives.

Fee Dominguez

Mural: Fee Dominguez Mural

First generation Mexican American artist and illustrator, Fee Dominguez, is a dual degree graduate from Millersville University. Majoring in Art Education and Fine Art, She took her first teaching opportunity in Karlstad, Sweden as a textiles teacher. Now she spends her days as a freelance graphic designer and tattoo apprentice. Fee’s art conveys feminine expression and human reflection through a signature style of playfully dreamy motifs inspired by Japanese art and a diary-like flair of various existential and confessional phrases. Depending on their intention, mood, and current call to action they will switch between mediums. You can also search for their work under the name of “feemaleartist” on Urban Outfitter’s website.


Piano: Lancaster County Community Foundation

Infantree is a strategic branding agency located in the heart of downtown Lancaster. We focus on helping entrepreneurs and organizations tell their story and grow their audience through the undeniable power of brand. For more than a decade, the energy and passion of creative problem solving has driven us to influence our city and our region, producing some of Lancaster’s most beloved brands.

Jaye Crist

Mural: Jaye Crist Mural

Expression though photographs, CERAMICS, painting, drawing, writing and hand crafted art can be a very personal, yet a shared gift that provokes emotion.

The expression and creation shared here is the work of family. Images created and captured individually or together, but all from the shared spirit, passion and artistic mindset that is within us. The viewer or reader absorbs the work and in that way is influenced in some way by it.

Jordan Rainey

Mural: Jordan Rainey’s Mural

My names Jordan! I’m a fluid artist working out of Lancaster at the moment. Inspired by nature, music, and the wonderful complexities of the human experience, I work with several mediums but lean towards acrylic. My work ranges from canvas work, digital designs, custom handmade stickers, bookmarks, and candles. I also do residential painting and murals. Some of my murals are featured in downtown Lancaster, on a private 30 ft horse trailer and a 25 ft mural for Lancaster Labs in New Holland. 

Josh Weber

Piano: Kitchen Kettle Village

Hey there! I’m Josh and I’m a graphic designer, and my focus is on bringing brands to life by building strong, engaging, and clear visual connections. I’d characterize my designs by focusing on conveying the most by saying the least, typically through flat shapes, minimal color, and good hierarchy. However, my design work is usually in contrast to my traditional art, where I explore the intersection between digital and analog mediums. Here, I take my understanding of good typography and break all the rules by highly distorting and manipulating words to create abstract forms. This allows for an opportunity to juxtapose those shapes and colors to create high-contrast imagery with hidden and nuanced meanings.Outside of my creative pursuits, I love reading manga, learning history, trail running, biking, cooking, traveling with my wife, and playing with our cat, Malcolm.

Justin Jones

Mural: Justin Jones Mural

Justin Jones was born in Salem, NJ and was raised and attended school in Norristown, PA.   Justin completed his formal art studies at The Pennsylvania College of Art & Design (PCAD) in  Downtown Lancaster, PA.   During his years at PCAD he specialized in illustration, animation, 3D art and ceramics.  Justin graduated in 2007 and has made Lancaster City his home.

Karley Miller

Piano: Lancaster County Motors Subaru

Karley Miller

Karley Miller is an artmaker from Erie, Pennsylvania, who spent six transformative years in Austin, TX, diving headfirst into the development of her career. Now based in Lancaster City as of 2021, she works as a remote designer and freelancer. She is a long-time exhibiting artist that participates in galleries and handmade markets. Her artwork gravitates toward themes involving the humor in horror and the beauty in creatures and objects that are not commonly thought of to be so. Her inspiration comes from punk music and dusty thrift stores. Beyond her professional life, she is happily married with fur children and loves to actively participate in her local community of creatives in southeastern Pennsylvania.

Kay Ferguson

Piano: Milagro House

Mural: Key Ferguson (In Progress)

Born in London and exposed to the Arts, at a very young age and international audiences, with refined tastes. Westminster Abbey being attached to my school. At St Vincent’s the training didn’t allow much room for mistakes.

In London I had the pleasure of spending many summers with the great Artist Janet A Avison from Yorkshire England. She lived on a Farm and drew her animals in great detail. 

    I moved to NYC Brooklyn a preteen with my family.There I graduated from KCC and BC with degrees in Theater, Dance, and Painting. Owning 3 Dance companies. And helping foundations of other Dance schools in the Brooklyn community kept me very busy.  I excelled in Teaching. In Unions, PTA, Churches, Public Schools and Outreach programs. 

I have always put community first and have  based my life’s work in community and on the people needs.. 

    Having been attracted to movement Sports are number one in my book. Captain of teams I took that passion to a Major Degree in Physical Education adding the Medical aspect Specialist in Recreational Therapy CTRS. The study of PLAY. LOL Organized and spontaneous play are essentially stress relief. My works are to relieve the stress of life. And to recognize within self that people and you are beautiful. 

   My greatest passion are the people and their needs. My presentations in every aspect of the Arts is to show my love for them. Also to let them know they are loved and important. Only in love true communities are born. And in play we let go of stigmatized dis normalities shoved upon us as human beings. Love,  Artist Kay

Keisha Finnie

Mural: Keisha Finnie Mural

Born and raised in Lancaster, PA (1992) My work explores the journey of evolution as not only an artist but as a woman of color. Interpreting my personal experiences and observations. Nurturing and visualizing my determination and resilience through touch and a strong vibrant color palette.

Kelly McCart

Mural: Kelly McCart Mural

Kelly McCart is the Intermediate School Art Teacher at Donegal School District. She is passionate about teaching and exploring art with her students, and advocating for the importance of art in schools. When she is not creating in the classroom, she is experimenting with all things art. Mostly her passion is in ceramics and mosaics. You can view her creations at local art coops or on her Instagram @McCartArt. 

Loryn Spangler-Jones

Mural: Loryn Spangler-Jones Mural

Award winning and internationally recognized mixed media artist, Loryn Spangler-Jones exhibits locally and is the founder of LSJ Studios in downtown Lancaster, PA. Making art since 1997, she is self taught and her innate talent is the foundation of her spontaneous and visceral paintings. Her work can be found in several different publications, from major art magazines to coffee table art books from North Light Publications.

Cultivating human connectivity and creative collaboration through art, Spangler-Jones has been leading group workshops since 2012. Loryn Spangler-Jones is a tour de force and her work continues to reach people all over the world!

“Who I am as an artist and what drives my hunger is to continually unveil subject matter in a way that encourages the viewer and challenges them to see, think and feel in a whole new way, pushing their own personal boundaries.”

McCaskey High School

Piano: Members 1st Federal Credit Union

Tara Kirchgessner

Tara Kirchgessner is an Art Teacher at McCaskey Campus High School.  Along with her students, it is the 10th year participating in Keys For the City.  Together, Tara and her students design, prep, and paint a piano each year.  This opportunity allows the students to have ownership in an exciting art instillation in their own city.  With this ownership is a sense of pride for themselves, their school, their peers, and their city.  Each year Tara and her students are excited and thankful for this opportunity!

Sadie Bartch

Mural: Sadie Bartch Mural

Sadie Bartch is a professional artists and resident from the city of Lancaster, PA. Owner and operator of Clover Tattoo, she specializes in fine-line illustrative work both on skin and canvas. Bartch completed a professional tattoo apprenticeship (2011-2013) and is mostly self taught in her illustrative background. The call to a life of artistry was said to always have been present in her life, even as a child. Sadie often remarks that she owes her career to the years of doodle encouragement from her loving, supportive parents. Much of Sadie’s work is influenced by her lifelong love of all things folklore and fantasy. From animals to faeries to nature, her work gives you a glimpse into all the worlds Bartch wishes she had the chance to inhabit. Much of Sadie’s work is influenced by her lifelong love of all things folklore and fantasy. From animals to faeries to nature, her work gives you a glimpse into all the worlds Bartch wishes she had the chance to inhabit.

Scot Lasher

Piano: Lancaster County Motors Subaru

Scot Lasher

A local artist specializes in realism and hyperrealism artwork but loves to explore new mediums and other unusual surfaces. Everything from traditional oil painting portraits and landscapes to custom automotive and motorcycle airbrushing, and of course.. pianos!

Sir Dominique Jordan the Prolific One

Piano: Lancaster Arts Hotel

Sir Dominque Jordan the Prolific One

Introducing Sir Dominique Jordan the Prolific One, a poetic vanguard from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. With his compelling words, he empowers others to embrace their vulnerability as a superpower. As an Artivist, he travels the country, sharing the transformative power of Hip Hop culture and creative expression, especially through spoken word poetry. He is a Baldwin fellow alum and was named the 2023 Activist of the Year and recognized by the NAACP for his contributions to Arts and Entertainment in Central PA, Sir Dominique Jordan is a force for change. He is the lead vocalist of the sensational Hip Hop and R&B band, The Prolific Steppas, and the founder and CEO of The Artivist Corp. and Nobody’s Pen. Follow him on social media at @sirdominiquejordan and join the movement with the hashtag #WhatThatImpactDo.

Terian Mack

Piano: The C-Note Piano

Terian Mack

A brilliant songwriter, painter, recording artist, father of 2, and entrepreneur with a story of triumph and persistence, Lancaster’s own Terian Mack’s humble beginnings speak to the underdog in us all. Raised by his grandmother, in a small city where KKK rallies were still being held, a flame was ignited in Terian’s spirit pushing him to perfect his craft day in and day out. This work ethic may be why restaurants are naming meals after him and local media are now consistently covering his art.

His hustle and skill for marketing has non-profits and local businesses willing to buy his album for $1,000. Mack is recognized as one of his city’s community leaders and serves as a creative mentor throughout schools in the US.  Terian is the founder and CEO of Larger Than Life, a record label that was established with the intention of weaving together art, education, and community, while providing educational courses in public schools, organizations, private schools, and universities. After his debut attendance of the Grammys, Terian Mack releases his album featuring notable producers and writers who have also been helping Ye, formally known as Kanye west, on his recent albums. With Mack having such a precision aim on his goals we have a lot to look forward to from this forecasted star.

The Demuth Teen Council

Piano: The Demuth Foundation Piano – Sponsored by CHE Construction

The Demuth Teen Council is a teen run program through the Demuth Foundation where the teens determine the direction the council goes each year. The main goal of this council is to give the teens a voice in Lancaster’s art community and to provide them with the resources they need to advance their careers within the art field. This includes studio field trips, art career panels, student led exhibitions, helping with Demuth fundraising events, and more. This group hopes to keep expanding and adding on in the future. Next year’s council starts October 2 and is open to all high school students in Lancaster County! The current teen council consists of 7 students ranging from 10th grade to 12th grade, from Manheim Township High School, Elizabethtown Area High School, and Lampeter-Strasburg High School.

The Willow Valley Communities Design Team

Piano: Willow Valley Communities

Willow Valley Communities Design Team

Willow Valley Communities Design Team – Keys for the City Willow Valley Communities, a premier 55-plus community in Lancaster, is delighted to be  designing its eighth piano for Music for Everyone’s Keys for the City initiative.

Creative Lead & Senior Designer, Chris Corrao, along with Associate Designers, Kelly Loy and Olivia Keenan, work together to create an outstanding piece for this very important cause. They also collaborate with the rest of the marketing department at Willow Valley Communities on techniques to creatively use branding on the piano.

Chris, Kelly, and Olivia enjoy the unique challenge of communicating Willow Valley Communities’ messaging, logo, and colors on a unique object. Over the years their techniques have evolved from stenciling and painting the piano to now using vibrant vinyl wraps. This year, the team is working on a piano design utilizing messaging about Mosaic, Willow Valley Communities’ 55+ residential hub coming to the heart of downtown Lancaster.


Piano: Write Face

Scott Hower & Robert Wagner

Writeface – Providing ways for veterans’ voices to be heard, while creating a healthier spirit within them, their families, their workplaces, and our communities. The WriteFace process helps attendees focus on clarifying and understanding their thoughts. Unwritten thoughts may be fleeting or chaotic; the written word can be reviewed and refined. As our writers rework their words to say exactly what they mean, they are able to observe and attend to their reactions to life’s challenges.

Piano designed by:

Scott Hower, a Vietnam veteran, experienced the stress of readjustment personally. He learned through his writing to manage those issues.

Robert Wagner

Army veteran from 1971-1977. Millersville University graduate B.S. fine art. Professional artist for over 45 years. Corporate art director, later art agency director and owner. Currently teaching art through WriteFace. Exhibiting fine art in galleries and juried works in publications. Website: