Abby Saurbaugh

Piano: The CH&E Construction Piano

Staff from the Demuth Foundation painted this year’s piano sponsored by CH&E. Education & Outreach Coordinator Abby Saurbaugh served as lead artist, developing the design and overseeing its execution. Her design was inspired by Charles Demuth’s watercolors and drawings in the Demuth Museum’s permanent collection, and his Precisionist style. 

Saurbaugh has lived in Lancaster County her whole life and earned a Bachelor’s in art education from Millersville University. She is also a teacher and Young Artist Studio Coordinator at the Center for Creative Exploration – Pennsylvania College of Art and Design.

The Demuth Foundation operates two art museums in downtown Lancaster – The Demuth Museum at 120 E. King Street and the Lancaster Museum of Art at 135 N. Lime Street. Our mission is to promote the appreciation and awareness of the visual arts in Lancaster through preserving the legacy of Charles Demuth, supporting local and regional artists, and inspiring a new generation. 



Facebook: (Demuth Museum) and (Lancaster Museum of Art)

Adam Serrano

Piano: The Lancaster Arts Hotel Piano

Adam Serrano is a graphic artist who has dedicated his career to providing affordable digital art for performers, non-profits, and local businesses. His logo design and wall art can be seen all throughout Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Serrano was born in Brooklyn but raised in Central Pennsylvania. This cultural exchange resulted in his art being an amalgamation of urban esthetics with a homegrown mentality. He is a proud graduate of JP McCaskey High School and has attended Bradley Academy of The Visual Arts.

For over 10 years he has supported youth outreach programs through art education or mentorship. Adam has worked directly with Abandoned Lyrics, Crispus Attucks, Bright Side Baptist Church, Music For Everyone, and most notably the Attollo College Prep Program.

Andy Metz

Piano: The Lancaster County Community Foundation Piano

Andy R. Metz is a 21st century “Renaissance Man” who is a father, musician, song writer, artist, carpenter, mixologist, motorcycle enthusiast, poet, craftsman and classicist. This well rounded, self-taught, free thinking gentleman resides in Lancaster, PA and enjoys traveling, cultural studies and dabbles in multiple artistic mediums.

Ashley Kendrick Kennedy

Piano: The Samuel Walton and Clayton Stief Memorial Piano

Ashley Kendrick

I am humbled and grateful to have the opportunity to work on this piano honoring the memory of both Sam Walton and Clayton Stief. I cannot think of a more fitting tribute to two of the most wonderful people, talented musicians, and closest friends I have had the privilege of knowing. Sam and Clayton both shared their musical talents with Lancaster, and each happily volunteered with MFE. The unique light they each shined in this world will be forever missed by the community of friends and family whose lives they have touched. Sam and Clayton were gone too soon but those of us who had the good fortune to have known and loved them will carry on their memory. The humor, warmth, openness, passion for music, and each of Sam’s and Clayton’s rare and adventurous spirits will live on through this community of loved ones. I would like to give special thanks to the friends and family of Sam and Clayton who have contributed to making this tribute possible.

Ashley Kendrick Kennedy is a graphic designer, artist, and illustrator. A homegrown Philadelphian, Ashley has been a Lancaster transplant since 2014 and works as the art director/lead graphic designer, and an occasional art columnist, for Lancaster County Magazine. She is passionate about storytelling through art, digital illustration, collage art, typography, and publication design. She received her BFA from the Tyler School of Art at Temple University. For her artistic inspirations, she credits her incredible friends and family, varied and ever-evolving catalogue of music, the natural world, urban architecture, and her community. | 

Claudia Rojas

Piano: The Lancaster Central Market Piano

Claudia Rojas is a Cuban American mixed media artist and illustrator. Born in Cuba, she completed a BA in Social Communication from the University of Havana; afterwards, she earned a fellowship for her Afro-Cuban art research in the University of Morelos in Mexico, and eventually migrated to the United States in 2015. She is currently working on her MA project for the Barcelona School of Design.

Locally, she has participated in Lancaster’s Art Walk and First Friday events, was featured in the “Welcoming City” Exhibition at Franklin & Marshall College and the Emerging Artists Juried Exhibition at The Delaplaine Arts Center in Frederick, Maryland; as well as having developed and taught an art program for unaccompanied migrant children ages 3-17. Her art is found in several private collections in the United States.

Her interests and experiences include photography, design, illustration and fine arts, with several pieces in diverse mediums. The most recent project she is working on, “The colors of my community”, is a community-based project that will serve as a space for inclusion and representation that will produce a collection of illustrated children’s books available in different languages.

Her subject matters gravitate towards migration, transculturation, community, and identity, approaching them from a myriad of different angles, with her portfolio being as restless as her travel history.

Elizabeth Byler

Mural: Elizabeth Byler Mural

Elizabeth (she/her) is the Creative Image Director for Eden Environments. She enjoys experimental cooking, reading books you can’t put down, dancing in the rain, coloring outside the lines, discovering new music, asking personal questions, and writing things that make people react. She is an enneagram 4, happiest when eating something sweet or sipping wine. Elizabeth is passionate about human flourishing, great design, groovy tunes, and intersectional social justice. She is committed to loving Black Jesus, herself, and others, in that order.

Elizabeth R. Martin Elementary School

Piano: The Tellus360 Piano

Amanda McFadden

Amanda McFadden is an art teacher from E.R. Martin School of SDOL. Since 2016, her fabulous students have created colorful pianos for MFE!

Ellie Cochran

Piano: The Lancaster LGBTQ+ Coalition Piano

Ellie Cochran is a Trans Queer creative director, audiovisual new media artist, and adjunct professor at Pennsylvania College of Art & Design. Named one of the Keystone State’s next generation of Queer leaders, Ellie has been fascinated by the intersection of art, music, and technology for xyr entire life.

From natural-language-learning public net art pieces to 3D printing, virtual interaction, and algorithmic music, Ellie views xyr digital work as an extension of xymself. You can get in touch with Ellie at xyr portfolio

Eric Tonzola

Mural: Eric Tonzola Mural

An illustrated style that bridges the gaps between an absurd rendition of the human condition, crossing over into the eerie and darkest corners of the whimsical imagination. Through either illustration or a dreamscape-esque approach on graphic design, my illustrations have been used as promotions on t-shirts for bars, restaurants, children’s books and community collectives.

Erica Millner

Piano: The Church World Service Piano

Jaye Crist

Mural: Jaye Crist Mural

Expression though photographs, CERAMICS, painting, drawing, writing and hand crafted art can be a very personal, yet a shared gift that provokes emotion.

The expression and creation shared here is the work of family. Images created and captured individually or together, but all from the shared spirit, passion and artistic mindset that is within us. The viewer or reader absorbs the work and in that way is influenced in some way by it.

Justin Jones

Mural: Justin Jones Mural

Justin Jones was born in Salem, NJ and was raised and attended school in Norristown, PA.   Justin completed his formal art studies at The Pennsylvania College of Art & Design (PCAD) in  Downtown Lancaster, PA.   During his years at PCAD he specialized in illustration, animation, 3D art and ceramics.  Justin graduated in 2007 and has made Lancaster City his home.

Kay Ferguson

Piano: The YWCA Piano

Kay Ferguson born in London. Spent my summers in Yorkshire with the great Artist Janet Avasion. Westminister Cathedral was the church connected to my school. We represented the church and there was no room for mistakes due to its prestige. As a teenager my family moved to New York. Where Theater production and  traditional  African Dance and drum became my life. Teaching in all realms for decades. From children to seniors. KC College, Brooklyn  AAs in Physical education/Recreation Therapy CTRS and a degree in Ballet. From Brooklyn College BS in Physical education Specialization Recreation, and degrees in Theater/production, Dance/ Modern, and Art/ painting. I was offer a position upon my entry to BC to teach Dance. I was the first to bring an African dance program to Brooklyn college and ran it for many years. Brooklyn college is home for me a tremendous amount of work was done and I taught and ran many programs from out reach to union. Now in PA for the last 10. Completing a Mural in coatesville library.  Name Brick by Brick we build a community. My Murals are in hospitals schools  shelters and my latest project Lancaster police station.  I love color, music, community people and play lol. I love being an artist and have worked with many Artists from Song to Dance. Artists are special to me.

Keisha Finnie

Piano: The Pursuit of Equity Piano

Mural: Keisha Finnie Mural

Born and raised in Lancaster, PA (1992) My work explores the journey of evolution as not only an artist but as a woman of color. Interpreting my personal experiences and observations. Nurturing and visualizing my determination and resilience through touch and a strong vibrant color palette.

Kelly McCart

Mural: Kelly McCart Mural

Kelly McCart is the Intermediate School Art Teacher at Donegal School District. She is passionate about teaching and exploring art with her students, and advocating for the importance of art in schools. When she is not creating in the classroom, she is experimenting with all things art. Mostly her passion is in ceramics and mosaics. You can view her creations at local art coops or on her Instagram @McCartArt. 

King Elementary School

Piano: The Atlee Hall Piano

Tiffany Davis

Hello! I am an artist and art educator in School District of Lancaster and I am very excited to work with my students on our 4th Keys for the City Piano for the downtown. We are also excited to partner with Atlee Hall again!  I live and work in Lancaster city, and have always enjoyed being surrounded by the arts. King Elementary students have so many creative ideas and I encourage them to take the lead on the design of the piano each year. I am looking forward to what we create together, and am grateful that I get to be their guide as we collaborate!

Loryn Spangler-Jones

Mural: Loryn Spangler-Jones Mural

Award winning and internationally recognized mixed media artist, Loryn Spangler-Jones exhibits locally and is the founder of LSJ Studios in downtown Lancaster, PA. Making art since 1997, she is self taught and her innate talent is the foundation of her spontaneous and visceral paintings. Her work can be found in several different publications, from major art magazines to coffee table art books from North Light Publications.

Cultivating human connectivity and creative collaboration through art, Spangler-Jones has been leading group workshops since 2012. Loryn Spangler-Jones is a tour de force and her work continues to reach people all over the world!

“Who I am as an artist and what drives my hunger is to continually unveil subject matter in a way that encourages the viewer and challenges them to see, think and feel in a whole new way, pushing their own personal boundaries.”

McCaskey High School

Piano: The American Music Theatre Piano

Tara Kirchgessner

Tara Kirchgessner is joyfully employed as high school art instructor at McCaskey High School. She is so happy and grateful to have a profession that allows her to share the joy of the arts with her students and showcase the many talents within the community.

Sadie Bartch

Mural: Sadie Bartch Mural

Sadie Bartch is a professional artists and resident from the city of Lancaster, PA. Owner and operator of Clover Tattoo, she specializes in fine-line illustrative work both on skin and canvas. Bartch completed a professional tattoo apprenticeship (2011-2013) and is mostly self taught in her illustrative background. The call to a life of artistry was said to always have been present in her life, even as a child. Sadie often remarks that she owes her career to the years of doodle encouragement from her loving, supportive parents. Much of Sadie’s work is influenced by her lifelong love of all things folklore and fantasy. From animals to faeries to nature, her work gives you a glimpse into all the worlds Bartch wishes she had the chance to inhabit. Much of Sadie’s work is influenced by her lifelong love of all things folklore and fantasy. From animals to faeries to nature, her work gives you a glimpse into all the worlds Bartch wishes she had the chance to inhabit.

Stacia Hummel

Piano: The CH&E Construction Piano

I have been geeking outing the restoration of the decorative arts for over thirty years now…always something new to see in every old price to come into my care. Grain painting has become my favorite painted finish, but gilding, historic wallpapers, mural restoration and hand crafted anything will always catch my eye. I love sleuthing out how craftspeople from the past did their work, made their tools and paints, and I love the energy of artists long gone still burning through the layers of paint they left behind.   Go to Curio Decorative Painting & Restoration in Facebook to see some favorite projects, or find Stacia Cavalinha Hummel on Messenger.

The Fonk Shack Art Collaborative

Piano: The MFE Community Piano

The Fonk Shak Arts Collaborative

The Fonk Shak Arts Collaborative (FSAC) From Novice to Professional, a band of four ever evolving Multi-Disciplinary Artists leveraging the synergies of collaborative arts Xperiences to change the World…or, at a minimum, amuse themselves. No need to name their names as the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

The Switchboard Collective

Piano: The Songs For Justice Piano

The Switchboard Collective

*The Bumbling Circus Workshop:”

Located on the second floor of Columbia Kettle Works, a group of local artists from Columbia, York, and Lancaster have come together in a collaborative environment with other like-minded creatives to bring more art to the surrounding community.

Keeping to the history of the building, we decided to build off of the old United Telephone Company that once occupied the space to ground ourselves with common goals like connecting, networking and communication.

We are excited to announce that we will be offering all sorts of mediums and opportunities to purchase and learn from including graphic design, pottery and mosaics, fashion, 3D printing, collage, wall murals, and painting.

Meet our resident artists:

*TONZOLA Art & Design Co

*Columbia Creative Factory

*Dizzuane- Dripped Gawd

*Critzz Creations

*The Art Tribe


*Emily Frey

*Peg Donnan

*Susan Darling

*Miss Alison’s Studio

The Willow Valley Communities Design Team

Piano: The Willow Valley Communities Piano

Willow Valley Communities Design Team

Willow Valley Communities, a premier 55-plus community in Lancaster, is delighted to be designing its seventh piano for Music for Everyone’s Keys for the City initiative.

Creative Design Lead, Chris Corrao, along with Associate Designer, Kelly Loy, work together to create an outstanding piece for this very important cause. They also collaborate with the rest of the marketing department at Willow Valley Communities on techniques to creatively use branding on the piano.

Chris and Kelly enjoy the unique challenge of communicating Willow Valley Communities’ messaging, logo, and colors on a unique object. Over the years their techniques have evolved from stenciling and painting the piano to now using vibrant vinyl wraps. This year, the team is working on a piano design utilizing messaging about Mosaic, Willow Valley Communities’ 55+ residential hub coming to the heart of downtown Lancaster. When completed, the piano will be placed outside of Southern Market on the corner of Queen and Vine streets. Southern Market, developed and operated by Willow Valley Communities, is Lancaster’s new food hall and bar featuring globally-influenced cuisine from talented local chef vendors.