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Songs For Justice Vol. #1 (Digital Download)


Songs For Justice Album #1

Featuring: Terian Mack, Pedro Rivera, Gerri McCritty and Le Hinton. Benefitting the Lancaster Education Foundation.

Now more than ever, we have the responsibility to leverage our voices to illuminate justice and equality.





Inside the album:


Terian Mack – “Believe”

In short, TERIAN MACK is extremely unique, energetic, and vibrant. in 2015 MACK was featured on and then went on tour in the summer of that year. In 2016 Terian started working with The Heatmakerz (credits: Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, and Fat Joe to name a few). In 2017 he began working in Jungle City Studios(NYC) on his EP, BABYLON THE GREAT. Jungle City has recorded recent albums for some of the most elite artist like Jay-Z, Beyonce, and Kanye. To Taylor Swift, Rihanna, and Justin Bieber.
Check out Terian’s music on SPOTIFY or INSTAGRAM.



Thaddeus Stevens – Read by Pedro Rivera – In opposition to the repeal of the Common School Law of 1834, in the House of Representatives of Pennsylvania

Pedro Rivera is the current President of Thaddeus Stevens College



Art by Gerri McCritty

My inspiration for this painting comes from the many times I have seen and been around less fortunate young boys and girls from all backgrounds and colors.  The one thing that I see they all have in common is a shimmering gold light of hope.
Visit her Gallery’s website:, Facebook or Instagram pages.

Gerri McCritty – Our Hope for Tomorrow – Boy/Girl



Le Hinton – Poet

I wrote the poem in July 2020 in response to conversations about how to explain 2020 to the little ones, the pandemic, the death of African Americans at the hands of the police, the general hatred that seemed to hang in the air. After thinking about it for a while, I imagined this grandfather and granddaughter moment. There is almost always an innocence with children that doesn’t change quickly. There’s a kindness that endures.


Proceeds from SFJ Vol. 1 Benefit the Lancaster Education Foundation

  The mission of LEF is to promote educational excellence in the School District of Lancaster. The SDoL serves a predominantly Black and Brown population in Lancaster city and its immediate suburbs.  It is 57% Hispanic, 20% African American, and 8% Asian and other.  Also, 90% of the district’s students are economically disadvantaged. The Lancaster Education Foundation envisions a teaching and learning environment in SDoL that provides the opportunity for excellence for all, regardless of social or economic barriers.  LEF is a critical partner in providing resources and community collaborations to supplement and enrich classrooms and schools.  LEF also provides scholarships to students attending vocational programs and college beyond high school.

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