The SFJ Community

In addition to all the musicians, artists, and poets who are a part of the Songs For Justice Initiative, there is a large community of folks behind the scenes who work hard to help MFE with this project. The following volunteers, contributors, and sponsors have worked diligently to make the Songs For Justice project a possibility.


Steering Committee

  • Amy Banks
  • Adam Serrano
  • Bobby Brandt
  • Darren Finn
  • Felicia Brown-Haywood
  • Joey McMonagle
  • Madison DeWispelaere
  • Marcy Radcliffe

Music Selection Committee

  • Dominique Jordan
  • Hadassah Edith
  • Isaac Etter
  • Madison Dewispelaere
  • Marquis Lupton
  • Matt Hostetter
  • Sobeida Rosa

Visual Art Advisors

  • Gerri McCritty
  • Loryn Spalgler-Jones

Design Team

  • Adam Serrano
  • Craig Welsh
  • Jenna Flickinger


Songs For Justice is made possible by a generous grant provided by

We’d also like to thank the following sponsors for making Songs For Justice a reality

Double Platinum Sponsors

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Gold Sponsors

Generous Support Also Provided by

In-Kind Sponsors