The purpose behind the Songs For Justice initiative is to educate, generate discussion, inspire and spur action that will help heal and build community. To that end, we have created—and will continue to develop—this “Reference Section” for those interested in learning more about issues of justice and equality.

As the program moves along, we will continue to add references with the goal of creating a comprehensive resource of books, essays, movies, podcasts, plays and other educational materials that users can access to increase understanding of the various issues, challenges and opportunities around this subject matter.

We believe the first step in making progress in our collective efforts to promote and build a more just and equal society is to provide opportunities for individuals to educate themselves regarding the history, evolution and current challenges associated with social justice and human rights. We hope you find this resource to be helpful in that regard. And in an effort to improve and expand its impact, if you have additional resources that could be included, please contact us.